Designers are responsible for creating the 3D Logical Model of the robot using Inventor 2015.



Builders are responsible for creating the physical robot using designs, Android devices, and components approved by F.I.R.S.T.



Programmers are responsible for creating the code to run the robot using Java and Android Studio.

Engineering Notebook

While creating our robot, we also need to keep good documentation on what we did. Part of this experience is how we did and not what we did.

Key components of the Engineering Notebook include:

  • Design Documents
  • Java code
  • Weekly Summary and Lessons Learned

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Gracious Professionalism

While we master our craft, we must also keep in mind Graceous Professionalism and what that means.

Some things to keep in mind are sharing the knowledge with each other, patience, politeness, and encouragement. We are a team creating something fascinating and need will get to the final goal better if we work together.

See more from Dr. Woodie Flowers (video), FIRST Distinguished Advisor and coined the term "Gracious ProfessionalismĀ®